Reflections on my 50th!

By: Sandybell Fitness, 11/24/2019

How fascinating to turn five decades today and be proactive about doing what I like and love.

One more year of life, of emotions, of dreams, of love, shared and received. I give thanks for what I have learned, and for how I have grown spiritually in the face of the different challenges that life has presented me. When we are proactive, we always look for positive changes in our lifestyle, regardless of age and time.

No matter how old you are and where you are in life, genuine changes benefit your mood, emotional, mental, and physical health. Positive lifestyle changes challenge us to move forward and learn to balance our environment with our evolution. Living in our comfort zone is easy, but it prevents us from discovering our purpose and goals. To get out of that comfortable inner zone, you have to want and need a change enough to make it your personal mission.

Remember, you are in charge of your growth and expansion: nobody else will do it for you. When you find your desire, it will become the engine of change. Age is just a number and should never hold you back. Each day and experience are chances to learn and move towards your goals in life. To put this idea into practice, I am going to do 50 magnificent things and share them with you. I hope it will inspire you to live your best, healthy lifestyle as I challenge myself to do the same.

I am still on the journey of life, and I am nowhere near done (I hope). I have always wanted to do things that will push me over the edge. Now, I am focused on how awesome it feels to be 50. I am happy, healthy, and most important, doing what I want. I have chosen to embrace life and enjoy it.

Thank you for touching my life.
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Reflections on my 50th!

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