Summer Movement
How to Increase Your Energy Level

Every day and each experience is an opportunity to learn and move towards your

goals in life.” by Sandybell

For many people, summer is the best season for transitioning energy levels from the spring
season. I know most of you love to workout outdoors. There are numerous activities you
can enjoy with family and friends. Movement is a healthy medicine as well as a lifestyle
choice that positively influences physical health, relieves stress, and improves mental
health. In today’s anxiety-driven society, we find ourselves rushing from one task to
another. At the center of all activities is movement. Research has shown it is advantageous
to move more, sit less, and be well. Consulting your doctor is especially important if you
have heart disease, type 1 or 2 diabetes, kidney disease or arthritis. Remember, exercise
should be safe, progressive, and effective for your age and physical condition. And the most
important should be fun! The one benefit of moving outdoors is Mother Nature provides
the most spectacular backdrop you can image, and it’s 100% free!
As a fitness trainer, I advise you to take one step, one workout, and one bite at a time. The
movement should be progressive; it doesn’t require perfection. And every time you choose
a healthier option, it is a small but important success. For instance, after having a busy day
at work or at home, it is beneficial to go for a walk, go to a fitness facility, or connect with
your friends online or in person. This is a healthy way to stay active. Sometimes it is helpful
to get the family involved; that way, it becomes a way of life. I think, most people know
what to do, but the key is to take ACTION!
Let’s talk about what kind of physical activities you could do outdoors. Summer is a season
to start practicing activities that may be more difficult to enjoy during other seasons. Here
are some ideas:
Walking: For health benefits, walking can be done in one session each day or accumulated
in shorter sessions. Depending on where you live, walking can be done early in the day,
during work breaks, lunchtime, or after work. The American College of Sports Medicine and
the American Heart Association consider walking at a brisk pace is consider moderate intensity
physical activity. Doing this most days of the week for 30 minutes or more is
beneficial for your health. It’s vital to hydrate before, between, and after walking or any
other physical activity.
Running: Local hills, trails and neighborhood streets provide ideal environments for
running and biking. One thing I love to enjoy is running for 30 to 45 minutes when I can.
Running:  offers a wide variety of benefits for the body and the mind. For me it’s my alone
time, I love running at 5:00 am because I also meditate at the same time. You can also
experience these same benefits with 30 minutes of another daily activity, such as biking or
swimming. Research shows that exercise even extend your life. But do you need to run
every day of the week to benefit. Not at all. A small study by the sports brand Asics
measured the brain waves of participants before and after a 20-minute run. Even this
relatively short bout of exercise led to a 58% reduction in levels of cognitive stress.
Group Exercise Outdoors: Nowadays, there are many types of dances: acrobatic, salsa,
merengue, capoeira, and Zumba. If you are very active, I suggest trying these challenging
dances that work on strength, endurance, coordination, and agility. Another activity that
focuses on cardio endurance and strength is boot camp training. This type of physical
training is designed to guide you through a more challenging, wide-ranging, and fun
workout. Many outdoor areas have natural or manmade elements such as trees, incline
paths, benches, and even designated exercise equipment. Be creative—use these elements
to add resistance training to your workout.
Gardening: One of the great things about gardening is it can be very therapeutic, almost
like meditation. Have you already discovered the benefits of meditation and yoga? Well, we
have more. With Meditation it will increase your capacity for attention and concentration.
Make sure you mediate in the safe place. Mother Nature provides an ideal backdrop for
your serenity. As you move, listen to the birds singing, feeling the wind, see the color of the
sunrise or sunset. It is the greatest heightening of the senses you can experience.

Yoga: What better way to start the day than a good Yoga session on the beach or in the
mountains? Today, there are many Yoga instructors who are dedicated to performing yoga
sessions for vacationers who want to try a new activity. The centuries old practice of yoga
promotes strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance while calming your mind. This
summer, take some time to soak in the benefits of an outdoor yoga class and challenge
every aspect of your yoga practice. According to the National Center for Complementary
and Integrative Health (NCCIH) suggests possible benefits of yoga include better balance,
stress management, mental and emotional health regulation, awareness of healthy eating
and sleeping habits and general wellness. Over time, yoga builds strength and stability. It
helps you commune with nature and yourself.
There are so many activities you can implement into your daily life. I am sharing what I am
doing right now while living in the magical state of Hawaii. I am learning to dance Hula. Hula
is ingrained in the culture of Hawaii. It is life because it changes the way you move freely
with your heart. If you have the privilege to learn a new cultural form of dance online, in
person, or outdoors, I recommend Hula Dancing. This is one cultural activity you can take
anywhere and practice at any time. The key to this form of dance is it nourishes the
physical, emotional, and spiritual part of men, women, and children. That is, it connects the
body and mind to reactivate all the energy it possesses. I would say, Hula is a healing,
loving, and therapeutic dance you do with your heart.

Aloha! “Hope these tips help you learn, grow, and achieve your desires goals.
Wishing good health and fitness.”
Thank you for visiting my website.

How to Increase
Your Energy Level

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