Carlota Lozano


Sandybell for me is really like a daughter. She started working with me more or less in 1986, at the gym that I owned (Karla’s Gym, Panama) as an aerobics instructor. As for her personality, she is responsible, super punctual in all things, very friendly, very jovial … she always radiates happiness to the public and has excellent people skills when treating her customers.

People taking a class with Sandy will not want to let go, and since she moves a lot in the US, students are sad when she leaves. She is a very dear and professional person and has overcome a lot. She strives to be the best in both Raqs Sharqi dance and fitness, and I admire her greatly.

I remember when I was her age, I left Panama to attend a convention in the US. I left her in charge, but my students did not want to receive classes from anyone else. Sandy called crying, saying “Mama Karla”;  the students don’t want me to teach!”, It was tough, but that incident made her much stronger. I practiced with her, teaching her all the exercises I learned at the conventions. I can almost say that the student has surpassed the master’s.

Sandybell is a responsible, punctual, person who never arrives late. She never misses a session and was always ready to help members of the staff. I find her to be optimistic and continually seeking to keep abreast, through studies and certifications, of the most senior officials in the fitness industry.

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