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Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is much more than you might think. Moving from movement to low-impact aerobic exercise to Strength training can prevent many diseases, alleviate the symptoms of others, and even reverse some chronic conditions.

Chia has been training with Motívate Con Sandybell Fitness -Zoom Fit group sessions a year and a half since the pandemic arrived in quarantine. The benefits are really both physical and mental. Physically, she has been able to notice many changes in her body measurements and definitions. Also, she has been able to define her muscles of the legs, arms, and abdomen. She has noticed physical changes that she had not noticed before. For example, when she went to the gym. Her changes are more noticeable since she started with Sandybell Fitness sessions at zoom. One advantage, compared to going to the gym is since the classes are virtual, she has more time to organize herself, and make better time use of her time training virtually sessions.

Sandybell is always aware of each of us and is also correcting positions. She’s showing how to execute the movements as they should be. She explains how to be careful and not to do the movement incorrectly. This is also something very good because we’re learning what is the correct position in each movement. What is not in the correct position, what muscles and body parts can hurt or conversely what part of the body we are working. So, it is a learning experience that we have every day with her programming training. At the same time, we have a new variation of movements. We work with different parts and muscles of our bodies.

Chia has developed more endurance resistance because Sandybell coaches exercises at different levels for everyone in Zoom. Chia tries to push herself and level up; do the highest level, every time when there is a new exercise. So, that’s how she’s gotten more resistance and endurance.

In her case, she’s only had some weights and with time, but this year and a half that she has been training at Zoom with Sandybell, she has felt so motivated and so positive with the results she has gotten. Little by little she has bought the tools and accessories that she has built into a gym in her house. But that is the result of all the work she has done with all the fantastic sessions. She has been able to get the results, so that has motivated her to get many more tools, more equipment, to keep working to the maximum, and get results.

The sessions with Sandybell have been super dynamic because they are not the same sessions every day. The routines are variations of new exercises. We train muscles that sometimes we don’t even know we have. So, the results are fantastic. Chia can feel the exercises of each muscle because the exercises are varied.

Besides, there are movements that one has never tried before, and it is always good to try them. The good thing is that there are different levels, according to the level of condition of each person, options 1, 2, 3 to 4, so it fits quite well to the needs of each one and each one performs the exercise according to the level that feels more comfortable to their physical conditions.

It is also good because you can challenge your own body and make a higher level, so you can improve in each session. Being in the Sandybell Fitness group is not only physical training but also offers lectures or physically, she has been able to notice a lot of changes in her body in measurements and definitions. She has also been able to define the muscles in my legs, arms, and abdomen.

Chia considers herself a very active person, she likes to exercise a lot and has been training at the gym since she was 17 years old. She has played in soccer teams. She loves skateboarding, and always tries to stay active, exercise. The virtual sessions have helped me in many ways because I save time, now I can invest it better, I have more time to be at home, cooking, and share time with my family. At the same time, I still do my workouts 3 times a week from the comfort of my home. The sessions with Sandybell Fitness are super varied and different with Mobility Barre WO, HIIT, Raqs Sharqi Workout, Strength Training, for all levels and tastes because we develop more skills, coordination, more discipline to get better results.

We have had many interesting workshops that complement everything that is physical health, mental health, nutrition, menopause, and so on. So, it’s not just about working out, it’s about eating healthy, staying motivated, staying positive. That’s also the positive and energetic energy that Sandybell projects in her sessions.

Chia, Thank you very much. Have a nice day and see you next time.

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